anybody got sick custom paintjobs they wanna post? imma post some later.


have some in the making
first paint jobs


Dude! epic stuff! whts your process? how do you do this!!!


I got this painted by Brett. It’s my GBP 54. It was actually painted in honor of my dad since he’s deployed overseas protecting our country and he’s a major fan of the Green Bay Packers.


Haven’t been on the forums for a while, but i decided to check and i saw this… It blew my mind all over the freakin room! i really love custom paints and i think this one really stands out. Oh yea and, Go Packers! :wink:


How about a case




Hellfire FH2, this one’s for sale :slight_smile:


Feels like forever since ive posted but im glad more people have put up their paint jobs, truth is i am tryin to start a little company, doin paint job and these pics give me some real good insight on techniques, ill post more details on free paint jobs later but for now thanks to everyone who has posted so far!


how did you get it to be so shiny?


I like the big yo half…Looks fun!


Been a whole since I saw this thread… My process is… Paint yoyo, then splash paint onto it. Lol…


I forgot how nice my proto’s looked… Traded em’ :frowning: I’ll post pics of my painted Chief and Gorylla soon.