Any complex arm trick tuts

I looking for some Zach Gormely John Ando style trick tuts. Arm tricks specifically.

Yuuki’s Fingerlickin’s is an arm trick. I cannot think of any more.

This one’s fairly simple, but it should help you get on the road to coming up with more difficult ones.

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Rancid Milk has some cool arm elements. There is a Cabin Tutorial for it. Check it out.

I was hoping stuff like a gentry stein arm combo but ok.

Good luck on finding tutorials for anything like that. I doubt there are any, to be honest. I would think the only way to learn those is to find Gentry and ask him to teach you, or watch his videos closely and just try and see what you can get down.

I think the second option is probably the more reasonable of the two.

Technical baserd Arm trick/combo.

Zammy style. Check it. Learn it.

OHH yeah thanks sammy. I forgot about your tuts.