Any canadian modders out there?


Just looking for Canadian modders cause other only say USA only which kinda suck


Contact Jeffrey Pang, I think he lives in Canada.


A good modder is a good modder, regardless where they are from. Nothing wrong with supporting others in Canada. That’s smart business!


He means that it suck that they are US only, not that they are bad modders…


What puffpwn said and they only like to mod for the americans

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What province are you from?


Shipping is pretty ridiculous when it is us-can.


im from ontario


You have it wrong, they don’t only like to mods for Americans. They don’t like to mod outside of america because of shipping costs.

Contact Jeffery Pang. He lives near Toronto and I’ve met him a few times. His mods are top notch.

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I just saw the website His work looks pretty good
suggest you check him out
Also I hope you guys know this

When you ship from Canada to Canada its MORE EXPENSIVE then shipping from Canada to the States.
It costs 10$ For Average Shipping 18$ for Xpress Post.
And this was a LOCAL Regional Trade [ Vancouver to Vancouver ]

When I ship to the states I can pick these options
6$ For 1 Week Shipping
8$ for 4 Days