Any amusement park enthusiasts here?

Besides yoyoing, one of my other big interests are roller coasters and amusement parks (as you can see by my avatar…also a sucker for Disneyland). I was curious if there’s any other die-hard amusement park enthusiasts on here.

I’m currently a member of a club known as American Coaster Enthusiasts where we do special events at our local parks. My local amusement parks are California’s Great America, Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, and Six Flags Discovery Kingdom (Formerly Marine World).I also design my own virtual coasters just for fun via a nifty program known as NoLimits Coaster Simulator. This is one of my latest works in progress, a replication of my favorite wooden roller coaster to date:

Lastly, I run a fan site reflecting my local amusement parks known as “Thrills by the Bay” (being in the SF Bay Area, there’s a number of parks here I follow). I post park updates much like an unofficial park blog, following new ride construction, reviewing special events, and posting general park updates.

So yea…any other coaster nuts out there? What are your local parks? Favorite coasters?

oh yeah i love amusement parks!
every year my family goes to Hershey park, those are some of the best roller coasters there, better than kings dominion.

My family also loves amusement parks. We have a small park named Lake Compounce close to us and a Six Flags a little farther. We have vacationed at Hershey for the past 2 years. Last year we indulged a bit and bought 2 of the Hershey roller coaster express tickets which specify what time you go to a coaster and walk right on. No waiting in line.