Antiyo Kuntosh colours?

I know that the original Antiyo Kuntosh came in at least these two colour combinations:

(Not my photos)

Did they come in any other colour? Do any of you have one?



I’ve got photos of them all, I’ll post them later.


Man, that would be great if you could! Thanks!

Every time I see that blue/yellow Kuntosh my jaw drops. Perfect!

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Here they are. From my research and talking to the owners of these, there are 2 of the red/yellow and 2 of the green/blue. One of the green/blue has Anti-Yo engraved on it, the other has Prototype engraved on it. However I haven’t been able to 100% confirm that the “Prototype” blue/green is a separate yoyo, the photo I have of the “Prototype” could just be the pink/green yoyo, but it’s green half on the blue/green, and possibly those green halves got swapped.


Thanks so much for posting these!

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