L’Antipode is the signature yoyo of the one and only Hadrien.Hadrien has been crucial to the design process of our yoyos since early 2010. This is the yoyo that the man himself decides to call his first signature yoyo. Hadrien has a most solid, world class track record in competing… and on top of this, the Antipodes has a far-reaching reputation even before its release.

Read what Hadrien says about his own work…


Those look pretty cool, and I love the colors!


sounds like a good yoyo… i wish there were a gap shot tho


Oh man.
another yoyo on my want list. . .

(___PyroIII___) #5

Awsome might have to get one. ;D
Hspin FTW


I tried Shpek’s at SMYC and all I can say is if you have the money do NOT HESITATE to pick one up. :o


got one for $40
great for the price, but I thought it was gonna be super good. :-\

(WildCat23) #8

Looks cool.

(Jei Cheetah) #9

It is, guess you cant figure that out can you.


It is super good! Especially for the price.


It looks awesome…
Can’t really see how it’s defective,except a few paint flaws.


i have 1 and it has some ano imperfections(a little bumpy in places) but the response is very deep and narrow, causing not so great binds. i love the way it throws, and after some flowable sili i saw some improvement. still doesnt bind to my satisfaction though.