Another SADR question

Does anyone know how many SADR’s were numbered? I just sold mine to someone and they’ve asked why it is unnumbered. I got it straight from Heath so I’m sure it’s legit, but I don’t want to have ripped the guy off. So, are the unnumbered ones less rare? More rare? Prototypes?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!


As far as I know 32 were made with 1 prototype and all except the proto were numbered. The proto was raw not anodized black also.

I think 6 or 7 were numbered

I’m pretty sure both of those answers are wrong since:

  1. I did have a black SADR with engravings but no number
  2. The ones that are numbered go beyond 7.

So anyone else have any info?

the number is in binary.

It is? Hmmm might have to do a bit more research. Thanks, PJman!

There were seven SADRs numbered between 001 and 007. These were the ‘Agent’ SADRs (or something like that). I believe there were a total of 34 SADRs made.

I don’t think the others are numbered. Besides the binary engraving, that is.

I have agent number 5 :slight_smile:

Right on! Thanks, Links!
I thought the numbers went higher than 7, but I must be wrong about that. Awesome. I feel a lot better knowing that I sold a legit throw to the guy.

Glad I could help. Though I highly doubt there are any fake SADRs out in the wild.