Another forum game

Okay I decided I’d start another game. So what the game is is that we start a bunch of stories. There can be as many words as you want. But the one rule is that in each story, there’s one letter you can’t use in any one of the words. So the first story we will omit the letter a, then in the second one b, and so on and so on. Okay let’s start!

There once lived some pro yoyoer in Kentucky.

You guys continue it. I just picked Kentucky cause it didn’t have the letter a.

one morning in kentucky jensen kimmitt woke up.

So he went to the kitchen to eat & yoyo. He then went outside to meet Mickey who yoyoed with him?

You can use symbols like I did :)?

Then, Minnie came to ask Mickey to go shopping with her.

Remember no letter a on this story it could be:

Then, Minnie got Mickey to go shopping with her.

Mickey told Minnie she found the wrong Mickey.

but minnie told mickey he is genuine