Ann Connoly?

Hey evryone, am in need of an ann connoly trading card my sister’s birthday is coming up(she’s turning 10) and she is her favorite yo’er. cold someone help me out?

Thanks in advance,


I have a 2011 card with a wrinkle at the top(like the cut/seal machine may have nipped it) and I can mail that out to you in the next day or two. If that’s fine, let me know. It’s coming from Sacramento, California, so keep that in mind. I don’t have time to mail it today. If you’re IN the area, you can drop by and get it.

When is the due date?

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tommorrow! but late is fine.


I have one. It is too bad you did not post this yesterday. I was standing right next to Ann at a YYF event here in Oregon and could have gotten it signed for her…

If you still need the card, let me know.

Please, plan ahead next year!

Right now I’m dealing with someone who wants me to deal with her needs for her portion of a show, something that should have been done 2 weeks ago. Show is Saturday…

Hopefully someone nearby can help, but the offer still stands.

I just sent out an “Ann Connolly” trading card to him so he should be fine.

It’s great to see this very nice level of support to people who are in need from those on this forum. ;D