ANGLAM Detailed Review - sOMEThING by YoYoAddict

Reviews are in pictures form, please drag them into your brower to get a bigger and clearer version!
[color=green]ANY QUESTIONS ABOUT YOYO OR REVIEW PLEASE ASK, I am very happy to answer any questions that I can. :slight_smile:


Very detailed review, but I disagree with the data. You can chalk most of it up to variations in the testing vessel. AKA you. And even then, would 0.7 seconds difference in the time it takes to do a trick make a difference when deciding a yoyo?

Thanks for the effort, but it was highly unnecessary.

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It was very hard to read.

Agree. What sorts of information are you most interested / want to know in a review of a yoyo? If anything that’s not in here I will be very happy to add them on.

Also, thanks for the suggestion. I personally think reviews with tested numbers will be more persuasive than just saying “This is faster than that”, but really as the trick varies (or the person who test it) different results can be shown. In that aspect, an ABSOLUTE fair review is impossible by its definition, so the best I could do is probably do it in most aspects, test it more fairly (that’s what the controlled variables for, and when doing same trick 20 times over and take out ones with unnecessary moves etc, most of them ARE controlled. Some tricks took more than 50 times for a reason).
What’s more, if the trick itself takes 5 seconds, then 0.7 seconds makes 14% difference, which can be big when comparing between high-end yoyos. When comparing how tall the walls are, even 0.5mm can make HUGE difference sometimes. Trust me. :slight_smile:
However once again, THANKS FOR SUGGESTING! Next time I may do a form of its advantages and disadvantages and make the words 5 times shorter, but still there are words for them when details are necessary for some of us.

They are pictures, so drag them to your browser to get a bigger and clearer version! :wink:
Sometimes trying to figure out with codes and restrictions of sizes of files can be really anooying :stuck_out_tongue:

This was the first in-depth review done using this format that I have ever seen. Very different than the way a traditional review is put together, I think this was a smart way to write a review, so excellent job! :smiley: The Anglam looks very nice, just the price is very steep. :-\

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Well I think part of it is that yoyos play differently for different people. What may be 0.7 seconds faster for you may be 2.3 seconds slower for someone else.

Most yoyo reviews today aren’t complicated nor do they contain data or a lot of numbers, and for good reason: they don’t need to be.

Pretty much any high-end yoyo produced today can handle most tricks the player knows. All the reviewer truly needs to do is point out it’s characteristics, pros, cons, strengths, weaknesses, etc., without going too in-depth. Check out Chris Rhoads’ reviews on High Speed YoYo, he’s pretty much got the ‘review formula’ down pat.

Glad you like it :slight_smile:
Yeah the price is really high in the yoyoing market, and also that’s one of the reasons I write in detail - no one want to spend about $300 to something that doesn’t suit them.

If you really searched the trick I tested, you may find that it’s a really common one that probably more than 50% of the players can do, and its speed is not really depend on the player much. If it’s really 2.3 seconds slower for someone, the only possibility I can think of is he is playing in an abnormal way/method, thus most reviews will not work for him specifically at all.
A thousand eyes of the players have 1000 ANGLAMs. Statistics can vary between players, like for someone it’s 0.9 sec faster and for others just 0.4 sec, but in general, faster is faster :slight_smile:
And thanks for pointing the characteristics of yoyo out. I’m thinking of making a form next time with them to make them more ‘highlighted’ than just blue letters - and with infos in detail about them for that they could be referenced when in need.

I’ve seen Chris Rhoad’s reviews, and really like them. Also somehow the website reminds me of Brett’s 3a vid :stuck_out_tongue:

First of all ‘Links’ comments. About the slight trick time variations… little consequence. About the total details format; far too much information for most players/potential purchasers. Reading an ‘online hardcover book without the cover’ is quite pointless and time consuming<>just identify about 10 key points and wrap it up.

Now on the other hand; I have spent literally Decades reading Technical Manuals. Books on Metalurgy, Structural Welding, Production Paint finishes application procedures, Paint Chemistry, Machine Work Practices, Residential and Commercial Electricity Applications, etc… < I am guessing that because of this, I had Absolutely No problem reading through DragonMoons’ Entire Review, like I was reading a Comic book. I rolled through it like a knife through warm butter. < That being said; when I was done, it read like a Technical Manual which for yoyo board reviews was out of place.

The in depth review format seems more towards an Engineers’ level. Something that Landon Balk could understand and appreciate from an Engineers’ information viewpoint. But not most yoyo board followers. Most would have to Snort a 6 pack or Red Bull to stay awake long enough to get to the end; haha.

But I would also on a positive note, mention that DragonMoon to the best of my guess; communicates in English as his 2nd language. Just a total guess on my part, but if I am correct, that is/was quite an amazing review when you consider ‘that’. < I have enough trouble ordering food in a Chinese Restaurant. The review wording is no doubt somewhat influenced by the cross language aspect(thinking Chinese/writing English); so some of the sentences come out ‘kinda funny’. But regardless, that is easily the most conprehensive review I have ever read in 15 years.

So, bottom line: I found it easy to read but about 5 times longer than it could have been.

And My explanation is about 3 times longer than it should have been

and Now I am done.

The end

Ps… Nathan appreciated the review. But of course Nathan is an Engineer; lol


Thanks for actually read it all through! And you are right, I want to try to write reviews in forms and bullet points.

Haha to be honest, to try to translate the review (ideas) into English is 10*harder than my English exams… Glad you can actually read through all those ;D

I think this is great! One of the best review formats i’ve ever seen. Far better than the usual floaty, fast, slow, stable, etc. reviews. I’m sure the ADHD kids on here won’t read it all, but us slightly older folks will find it great fun, even if partly for the entertainment value.

I think this is an excellent review.

While the format is different that than many we are used to seeing, the thoroughness of the information and methodology used gives me much of the data that I need to form my own opinion. More importantly, the qualities being tested are different than those cited by many domestic reviews.

Some may prefer subjective description and comparisons as well as outright opinion in the review, this one arms the reader with the information needed to make a critical judgement. This review demands the reader use their mind. Perhaps that is where the divide falls.

I look forward to seeing more. I, for one, may include some of these ideas and tests in my next review (with proper citation of course).

Keep up the innovative work.

am I the only one who cant see the pictures