Andrew Garas- In the middle of December NEW VIDEO
New video!
Happy holidays everybody!
P.S. On my computer, there’s something really weird going on with the audio. It says mute and I try to unmute it, but it won’t work. Meh. Can you guys tell me if it’s working on your computer?
Thanks for watching and enjoy!

Its working for me! Nice work.

Great! I just hope it’s working for everybody else so they can experience the whole video.
Thanks and Happy Holidays!

Oh, the volume thing isn’t working for me either… I’m confused… Great video though!

No sound for me either… Maybe the song could be blocked? I don’t know, but that’s my best guess.

I guess so.

It is a Green Day song. Therefore, they claim it is their song, and it is probably not viewable on mobile devices. This happened to me, when I used thier song, Insomniac, in a video. Changing the song would help.

Replaced the song.