Andrè on Akinator app

Haha after like 70 questions it finally got andrè on Akinator (ipod/ipad app) It is kind of like a 20 questions game.

Haha awesome choice for a person… That’s an awesome game. Did it say how many times ‘Andre Boulay’ was played?

Oh shoot i forgot to look. I’ll try again.

It sais he was guessed 57 times. Cool!

Haha not bad!! ;D


I got him after 2 tries :D, he’s been played 59 times

When I tried, he kept asking me if he was a coke addict or a cyborg porn star. Come on Andre, keep it together.

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Haha i hope hes reading this thread.

I played him on Akinator a few times. It usually guesses him the second time around. It asks questions like whether he has kids, and because that answer has been changed recently, it seems to throw things off a bit. It’s like the game has to catch up. It’s a pretty fun app.


actually, i think i added him there about a half a year ago, when akinator just didn’t recognize him. Someone should upload his picture there.

I put his picture in there…chose the most recent trading card photo. :wink: