André in a Dubstep song!

Skip to 2:23 (If you want to get strait to it.)

'Bout flipped my lid when I heard it, I thought I had opened up the tutorial or something what a pleasant surprise. C=

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HAHAHAHAHA, That’s so funny.

This song is sure “to impress a lot of people”!


hahahaha thats awesome

Nice find, Trace.

this is a reallly cool sounding song!

That’s amazing!

omg totally hilar nice find

Wooow it is so amazing :slight_smile:

muzik dinle

I like the song, and I LOVE the fact that they used Andre’s voice

I need to send this to his YYE Facebook page!! :smiley:
Even Andre commented on the actual video’s comments. Too cool. Way tooo cool.

I already did. :slight_smile:

Lol, I e-mailed him this video and he personally replied to me! ;D

Am I missing something? All I saw was “UKF” the entire video

talking is about he says the next trick we are about to show is split the atom not a picture

The audio at 2:23 is Andre. If you don’t recognize it, watch his tutorial for Split the Atom.