Ask ???


What trick in this video clip ? 1:25-1:17 Who have this trick video ??

What song in this video clip ?

Thank you for answer .

Sorry I don’t speak English well . Because I come from Thailand


The song in the second video is the band Arctic Monkeys playing Fluorescent Adolescent…now for the first video, you realize that the first time is after the second one…can’t play the video backwards, hehe. So I went from 1:17-1:25 and did you mean the trick after the horizontal? If so then that is not an official trick, it is just some combo that Micky has made up, we all know and realize it is his trick (he has done it alot) but it has no name and it would just take time, a video downloader and some slow motion playback to learn, hope that I have helped…oh here is a link to the song in the second vid as well…


Oh Thank you . :wink: :wink: