André Boulay announces new Monster Truck career, YYE Closing


Here’s the real link;


Thanks for sharing!

They do a great job incorporating his yoyo history in that bio.

Thanks for sharing this info!

THAT WOULD BE AWESOME, but that would also suck to loose YYE…

Wow… cracked me up.

I really just got Rick Rolled three times on the same forum.

I saw that the account name of the videos was “Rick” so I left right away!

I was on my phone so when YouTube opened, I instantly closed it

So this is real, or just a simple rick rolling?

nah man it’s real

Totally, but the closing YYE thing is fake. He already owns a few YYE Monster Trucks.

Thank God! I was about to break my computer

In case anyone is confused, all of this was just an April Fool’s joke. A very funny and good one by a very handsome member of the forum :), but a joke nonetheless.

nudge This post is a lie, he is becoming a Rad Man!