An odd situation.


So, I am in Reno, NV righ tnow with my grandparents as my parents are somewhere else. I have been here on the release dates of several huge video games. (Battle Field 3, ES: Skyrim, Saints Row: The Third…)
So being grandparents, they were nice enough to buy me Halo CE Anniversary. I’ve been waiting for it for a while.
The problem: They bough it for me. In Reno. I don’t have my Xbox 360 here now do I?

Oh well. I’m still having fun


Rob a bank… Don’t get caught


When I got my N64, I bought a little travel case for it. It went back and forth between my apartment and my girlfriend’s house. I had to actually remove it permanently from my girlfriend’s house because they got hardcore addicted to a Tetris game. 8 kids in the house, all playing the Tetris game at all hours!

With my GameCube, I carried it around in a backpack when I’d go around between my house and my parents’s house(after being married) so that way there was some kid friendly entertainment for my sister’s kids at the time.

I haven’t gotten a new console since then. I mean, unless you count the GameBoy Advance and the Nintendo DS units. But those are pocket sized and portable anyways.