an idea for tutorial videos

I dont know if this is a good or bad idea, and based on what coding this site is running may not even be possible.

anyways i was thinking that I wish I could leave on a comment on some of the video tuts.

I think it would be great for people to leave thanks or maybe engage each other in trick specific Q and A (I know the forums are for this) but it would be cool right under the video.

Either way i felt like leaving a comment on a few.

That is all.

/Tutorials are the best I have seen! a mile.

That sounds like a good idea!
But, thats what we have the forums for.

You can leave comments on both YouTube and Expertvillage.

I said that I am aware of that…in my post…right above yours. :wink:

Pheenix…I havent checked out the vids at the EV site…or youtube. Good call though.

Oh I didn’t see that. :stuck_out_tongue: