Amplified Return Tops - Official News

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i like shirts… if you make them they need to be comfy cause i like comfy shirts…

also id be up for testing a shirt…

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Shirts! Always need more yoyo shirts


dude this thing looks sweet. Been wanting a shout for a good while. Those colors ways are phenomenal. Now there will be an orator. And I can’t afford either!!! Really can’t wait to try these out. When you have some protos, I would love to test. Let me know what the requirements are.


I would like to as well :stuck_out_tongue:


I finally picked up a Tundra Shout at Nats. Definitely one of the better pick-ups of the day.

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I’ll send you a PM after I recuperate from my nationals travel. It’s was crazy to say the least.

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Thanks! Meeting you was pretty awesome.


must have been awesome. Specially to be apart of it. I’ve been dying to go to some sort of yoyo comp, but as a company, must have been really something.

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It was a world class event. I can’t praise our NYYL enough for running such a great event. It was really fun to talk shop with so many industry leaders. The only thing is that no one sleeps. Everyone’s up trading tricks to the wee hours of the morning. It’s load of fun too. Now I just have a ton of sleep debt I have to pay. :wink:

It was also fun to let a ton of people play the shout!


The feeling is mutual, my friend.


they really need to run these comps in NYC. The east coast gets no love.

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I am happy to announce that on October 10th, ART will be attending the Georgia State Yoyo Contest as a silver sponsor. The contest will be held at Under The Couch, a student run music venue on Georgia Tech’s campus in Atlanta.

Feel free to stop by our booth to chat, shop, and try our new prototype! We will have raw, b-grade, and production version Shouts. Not to mention, these NEW t-shirts!

Come join us next Saturday, and enjoy this exciting contest! You’ll be happy you came!


DARN! I wish I were going to be there.


:o :o :o :o :o Wish I could be there

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The turn around from Nats to GA states is crazy.

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You want to see what it looks like?


i think we all do!


Yes please

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Hmm… I guess I can