Am I going crazy?

Does anyone else notice how posts keep disappearing? Not just inflammatory stuff, but normal stuff to. Some of it reappears…


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I think you might be crazy. You asked in another thread about where half the posts went, but I was in that thread and none of them seemed to be missing.

You’re in luck though. I also have a master’s in psychology and I can get you in soon as next Thursday. I usually recommend twice weekly minimum for patients experiencing delusions who may be a danger to themselves, or other board members.

I’m glad some posts are being deleted. I look back at some of the posts of mine that have been deleted, and I’m don’t quite know why I posted them. Some of them are inappropriate, don’t add to the conversation, and some just don’t make sense. I’m glad the mods are doing their job. Thanks mods!

I can think of a few mods I’d like to refer to you :slight_smile: