Aluminum Dream?

How is the Aluminum Dream?

It’s fast, really fast. Also light, weighing in at 64.8 g. It has a fair amount of float and has plenty of power. If you like the shape I’d get it. It outplays the shutter and horizon in my opinion.

Where can I get one?

there is a lik in another topic started by me. Called What yoyo?

On their indiegogo campaign.

I thought that was closed

I think it is open until they sell out.

I’ve got a gold dream aluminum…it’s very powerful with its spin time and very stable. It’s definitely worth it. I funded the campaign when it started and got all three yoyos and a gold center track in the titanium dream. You will not regret getting one.

if u order an aluminum dream itself does it come with anything else? Also do you know ow long it will take to ship if I live near NJ?