Alternative top 5

Ordered mine this afternoon.


Same… and a few others I’ve been on the fence about. Help me! :weary:


The only advice I can give is buy a GOPA


GOPA Slices !

I mean you have Takatsu @sakatuca , Yo-Yo Recreation and One Drop making a yoyo just for fun. Yes its good, GOPA=58


Nothing too Alt in my list, I just like good yo-yo’s.

In no particular order:

  • Augment CALYX
  • Thesis Invictus
  • Jordan Blofeld Wanker (if anyone is selling please enter my DM’s with haste :sweat_smile:)
  • Turning Point MSG
  • YYR MS_R2/1

Primarily because of the diameter. I got used to the larger diameter of the Alleycat when first learning stalls and dumps, but I 100% agree about the width. Backhand stalls just look cool. Lol

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I don’t feel qualified to make top 5 lists (not enough yoyos), but GOPA and Puffin 1 were the first two that came to mind for my alternative top 5.


Something about the Puffin 1 just feels right, I can’t explain it.


Top 5 for me is

Digamma Crash
Hydrogen Crash
C3 Robot


Is Hydrogen Crash out yet?

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It’s only gotten limited releases with the Shibuya Edition and the Lucky Bag.

I got the shibuya edition.

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Not that you have to have top five or feel any differently about the matter than you already do, I just wanted to say that even if you only had 6 cheap yoyos, you have enough qualification (and yoyos) make both a top 5 and alt 5.

The other yoyos don’t matter, nothing about this is objective, skill doesn’t even come into play as far as I’m concerned but I’ve seen a video from you; you’re qualified lol!

Anyway here’s my alt 5 for now: PV44 (FTY), Essence (General Yo), Speedaholic XX (C3), El Mijo (ZGRT), Pomelo (Atmos).

General top 5 for now: Don Brassi (ZGRT), Khuno (Atmos), Freehand One (Duncan) a @RC_yo-yo fixie and the Royal 1 (General Yo).

  1. YYR Stargazer
  2. YYR Gleipnir
  3. Chico YY Heavy-Hitter
  4. JT Origin
  5. YoyoMonster Dual

I have mixed feelings about my puffin. Super short spin times but I do enjoy the shape.


thank you for the shoutout, we love to hear feedback!


Very interesting reading about other people’s picks and the reasons why! I’ve had a fair number of rare/exotic throws, but I inevitably gravitate towards those that play the best for me. I’ve always loved powerful and stable throws. I thought I would eventually grow to appreciate less powerful throws with more of a ‘fun feeling’, but it hasn’t happened. So, I consider myself an incurable power fiend (that also values controllability, maneuverability and feel).

  1. Autoscopy - Near perfect design, imo. It plays slightly compact, which is great for tech (my preferred style). It can feel just slightly narrow when trying to land certain tricks, which could be a psychological misperception. But, I think the only change I would make is making it 1-2 mm wider.

  2. Plvs Ultra - Feels heavier than the specs would suggest, which agrees with me very well. It has very nice string presence and kind of an intriguing feel. It glides through tricks and feels very rewarding. The diameter is just slightly large for me, so I would prefer it to be 1 mm smaller.

  3. Kagerou - Amazing and very different feeling, both in the hand and in play. It’s very controllable and has excellent performance. It plays wider than its specs, which seems typical of ‘wing’ shaped throws. So, somehow it feels easier to land certain tricks yet can require a little more precision when moving through tight mounts.

  4. M+ - Just got this, but it’s already one of my favorites. Plays kind of like a dense organic hybrid.
    Maybe like a heavier bimetal Prime8 that feels somewhat like a blend between an Autoscopy and Chopsticks Gorilla. Surprising power and requires deliberate input, but the feel is very enjoyable.

  5. Valkyrie 2021 - Perhaps the very pinnacle of power and stability. Maybe the ideal competition oriented throw for my tastes, but lacks just a little pizazz.

  1. YYF Protostar - Legend yoyo
  2. YYF Onestar - Would be a straight up downgrade from the Protostar if the lighter weight and POM body didn’t just make it feel a lot more FUN. A nebulous feeling from a yoyo that I can’t describe, but I like a lot. Worse than a protostar in performance, but better in feel.
  3. Duncan Butterfly - This is the best fixie in my heart, maybe not in reality, but man they’re fun.
  4. Duncan Freehand One - One of the best organics ever made, also one of the cheapest and most readily available. Super customizable in both play and aesthetics, it’s a one size fits all yoyo.
  5. C3 Galaxy Diver - God yoyo, great price, readily available. If I could only have one yoyo for the rest of my life I wouldn’t complain if that yoyo was the Galaxy Diver.

Based on pure enjoyment, I landed on (L-R, in no particular order):

CLYW Chief / CLYW Akita / FD Rooster/ FD Canary / GWAY Daredevil

CLYW Manatee and iYoyo x H-Spin Pyro X on the bubble.


Probably these ones.

DocPop BoltXP: great Delrin throw that calls to mind late '00s YYJ celcon stuff. Improvements in all the right places.

CLYW Ditch: my dream pocket yoyo. A full-sized gap allows me to use Ammo and it is surprisingly powerful and stable. Feels sort of like the Peak and BvM had an undersized baby.

OD Kraken: probably the most laid-back yoyo I own aside from my Panorama. Relaxed and floaty, just the way I like it.

Recess Quiz: the yoyo that got me into slimlines. I love the no-frills design and the sound that steel makes.

SoSerious Chronos: visually striking yoyo that blends competition capability with a great hand and string feel.

  1. Sturm Panzer Schneider MK2: I quit throwing for several years and sold off my collection, this is the only one I kept. Tried it out at WYYC 2016 and directly compared it to a Draupnir. Ended up with the Schneider and 0 regrets

  2. Draupnir. For a yoyo released in 2013 it was insanely ahead of the game and directly inspired every single competition bimetal released afterwards, and it is STILL the benchmark for a new competition bimetal for most people.

3-5) honestly irrelevant, nothing is as good as these two in my eyes that I’ve tried.