Top Fives

Which are your top fives?

Partly due to too many throws gathering dust and partly due to the challenge of it, I’m slowly trying to narrow my playing collection down to 25 throws, consisting of the following:

1. Top 5 Titaniums
2. Top 5 Bimetals
3. Top 5 Aluminums
4. Top 5 Plastic
5. Top 5 Wood

Top 5 for me isn’t necessarily “best” playing, but can be most enjoyable, nostalgic, etc. I’m just starting to give this some thought and it’s way harder than I anticipated.

So, which are your top fives? (For those with fewer than 25 throws, or maybe no titaniums/bimetals, feel free to adjust accordingly!)

Here is my initial attempt, which will for sure be changing over the course of this process:

  1. Ti Walker, Pulsfire Ti, Sovereign, Aurora, Dazzler (I expect the Evora and ciTizen to supplant two of these)
  2. Draupnir, Nobunaga, Slasher, Sputnik, Anglam
  3. Valor, Gnarwhal, SADR, Skywalker, Chief
  4. FH 1, Yeti, Rally, new Diffusion, Da Bomb
  5. RD1, BC Apollo, Eh, No Jive

I will do this twice for the yoyos I have thrown and the yoyos that I own. I also can not make a top 5 for each because I can not make up my mind but I will put down five of the yoyos I like a lot.

ALL: (Includes the yoyos I own AND do not own but have thrown a couple of times)

  1. Ricochet, Dazzler (have never thrown any others sadly)
  2. Draupnir, Anglam 7075, Berserker RX, Berserker SS, Laser
  3. Chief, Cliff, Positron, Leviathan 5 (or 6, I can’t remember which one it was), Phoenix
  4. Yeti, Rally, Regen, Severe, ProtoStar (if you can keep it from breaking)
  5. EH, No Jive, Irving

MINE: (includes only the yoyos that I own)

  1. none
  2. Rainfly
  3. Phoenix, Cliff, AC2, Cyborg, Summit
  4. Regen, ProtoStar, Surge
  5. Text

I can’t fill out all 5 sections with my current collection, but here’s mine with what I’ve owned at least at some point.

  1. 3yo3 Ti5, OD Sovereign, YYF raw TiDream, YYF blue 007 TiDream. I’m guessing the Luftverk Evora will take the #1 spot here shortly, and the OD CiTizen will battle with the Sovereign for 3rd if I can snag one.

  2. YYR Draupnir, YYF Space Cowboy. Haven’t tried, nor owned, any others. Looking to change that eventually.

  3. G2 Marvel, Anti-yo Stealthzilla, SPYY Addiction, OD Markmont. Next, OD Markmont. Classic. My SPYY Orbitron 5000 is close to the Markmonts, they only edge it out because of their tarnished nickel finish that’s unique for me.

  4. OD Rally, YYF Regen, YYF Big Dream, YYF Shaqlerstar, YYJ Classic.

  5. I’ve only tried/owned a TMBR Baldwin, but fixie play isn’t my jam for now.

I’ll go with Zorro’s structure:

Yoyo’s that I own and have played with:

  1. FG Dazzler(played with), Dream Ti(currently own),Ti5(played with), Ricochet(currently own)

  2. Draupnir, Space Cowboy, Sputnik, Nobunaga, Palpitation. (own all, just not the Palpitation)

  3. Sleipnir, TooHot, Valor, Orca, 7075 Chief. (Own all except, the valor, orca, and 7075 Chief)

  4. Diffusion, Big dream, Yeti, Triad, Protostar. ( Own all, except the Yeti)

  5. No Jive, Irving, TMBR Baldwin. ( Own none of them just played with them)

I can’t fill out all 5 sections yet either but this is what I have, the majority of my collection are single metals.

  1. None

  2. VKss

  3. AC2, Bvm2, Orca, Bonfire, Glacier xp

  4. Yeti, Fhz(pad recessed),Fh2(pad recessed), Protostar(don’t own), Whip

  5. None

1. Top 5 Titaniums - only played the BSP & ricochet - they were nice
2. Top 5 Bimetals - haven't played any yet (I don't think)
3. Top 5 Aluminums - Sasquatch, AC1, Orca, Bonfire, G5+
4. Top 5 Plastic - Renegade, Yeti, FH1/Zero, Surge, Revival
5. Top 5 Wood - Fremont, Turner, No Jive, ProFly, BC Apollo,
  1. BSP
  2. Haven’t played any.
  3. YWET, BPZL, MC, Sasquatch, Walter
  4. Yeti, FHZ, Turbo Bumble Bee GT, ProFly
    5, eH, Sullivan, No Jive, Jensen Kimmitt Fixed Axle, Fremont