Alo is very artistic.

This is something that my friend Alo did:

Cool huh?


I know right?

He’s really artistic.

He can do like realistic faces or whatever that is. :smiley:

And he’s an 8th Grader.

I should let you guys see the rest of his artwork!

To me, It looks like he is stressing the complexity of the letters a little TOO much… get him to tone that down and it would look killer.

I think that’s just his style, because he does all that grafitti stuff…

no but he means that the really good graph is more toned down and

evened out a true art


Yeah, maybe. :smiley:

Alo is a true artist

His letters look like crap…

Oohh… I’ll tell Alo. Haha lol

But I think it’s also personal preference because I think that this work of his is very nice but some people just doesn’t like it…

So yeah… it’s preference.