Alleycat 650b Pink Great Condition $40

I’m selling my pink Alleycat 650b. It is beautiful and quite light in the hands. It spins for quite a long time, and is capable of handling most 1a tricks you can throw at it, with enough patience. Of course, it can handle some food 0a tricks as well. It is also very smooth on the string, it blew me away the first time I threw it. The only issues I can find are a couple of light marks on the rims that I wasn’t able to photograph. I love this throw, but I’ve been favoring wood more than anything these days, so I’m cutting my collection down to the basics. Shoot me a message if you’re interested, thanks for looking!


Edit: just saw the title sorry!

great throw if you’re into responsive slimlines. @rssbrry is all aces for bst too!


This is easily my favorite throw. I have a blue original version and I love it so much!

i was up to 4, same with the deep state… now i’m down to 2… same with my deep state…

I’m very interactive brother!

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You kidding me? Interested geez…

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Shoot me a DM if you’d like to work something out!

Thanks for the kind words, @fatguysnacks247 !

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Thought I commented a while ago, but it Sold!