All sold/traded - please close

Hello all!
Looking at the yoyo’s I don’t gravitate towards
and figured I’d see if another home would do them good!
All have original boxes - 5050 box has the spare items with it

Trade+cash interests:
–Bowl XL-- Traded
OD legendary terrarian

Shipping CONUS only

~ Traded for bowl xl ~ $55 - Flame - aqua/orange fade with silver rings minimal logo

Sold - $35 - OD Terrarian - Green (not sure real name) - 8/10 smooth

Traded for free solo - $45- Koi - Gold - 9.5/10 smooth

  • the original bearing made this 10/10 smooth mint
  • only threw a couple times
  • I like my MK1 contact and OD panorama better

~ Traded for bowl xl ~ $40 - 50/50 - Black & Red Acid Wash


Dropped mcmo from trade+cash section (found new one on YYL!)
Added trade interest for Bowl XL!

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#bop to the top

Adjusted prices and adjusted trade interests to include assassin+atmos and trade ratio I’d be ok with


Traded 2/4 for a bowl xl - maybe someone has a trade for the other 2?

Bump still have the OD and Koi ready to go!


Just the koi left now!

Koi is still available!

Koi still available


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