All of my yoyos in stunning 360p

New arrivals bump.

Nice Yonut! How’s that Big yo as far as Spin Grinds And Response?

Short spin times, I haven’t tried to grind, snaggy

So not the best?


Purple with gold splash first pic middle? Is it a EYYC YYF?


Is the last pic top right a 888? Also Is the first Avant Garde a Ann Connoly ed.? And why is the other Avant in the box?

Yes. Yes. It was a spare. I traded it.

Traded for what?

Supernova and Northstar.


Wants Metropolis
How is the metropolis? Might get one.

About $45.

How does it play not how much.

LOLing my socks off xD

How is the metropolis and the monster? Look sweet! I might get a Metropolis so? How is it?

The Monster is meh. Its width gets in the way and it is too slow. It is the most stable wide yoyo, though.

The Metropolis on the other hand is outstanding. While it is too small for me, it is pretty comfortable. I reccomend picking up a thicker, tougher string because the Metropolis cuts strings when you first get it, and is still hard on strings. It is super fast, as well as stable for its size. It is good a horizontal. It does horizontal, finger in cup grinds well, but lacks an IRG. It is good at arm and finger grinds. It binds tightly, and is smooth.

So is it a string cutter all the time? What makes it cut string?

The little ridge in the string zone. It doesn’t cut strings once you break it in, but is rough on them. I reccomend normal Toxics for it.