All Gone

No Trade Offers(Cash/Paypal Only)

$300 for Everything(Pending)

PM me if you want more Pics



CLYW 28 Stories Chief, small amount of vibe, Near Mint with box- $95

CLYW Wolverine Puffin, Near Mint with box - $90

CLYW Camp Caribou Man VS Bear 2, Near Mint no box - $85

CLYW Wolverine Man VS Bear, Decent Condition with pinpricks and some deep scratches but they don’t affect play - $70


A pair of Shaqler Loop 900’s with tool, Near Mint - $15 by them selves or $10 with another purchase

A pair of Protostars, one Green and one Gravitsky- Near Mint $30

Everything is currently pending.

It’s bear vs man