All for sale, NEED TO GET RID OF SOON, CLYW, king yo star, ect

Hey I am trying to sell all of these yoyo’s since I have been digging through things during quarantine and found all of these.

These are all of the yoyo’s that are available:

  • World Championship 2015 YoYofactory “Horizon” (Mint condition with box, seems rare): 70
  • Radical seas “sail” (Mint condition with box): 65
  • Duncan “torgue” (slight scratches): 20
  • T1 collaboration with onedrop and toxic strings (Mint condition with box): 80 HO=80
  • King yo star “rainfly” (Mint condition with box): 55
  • King yo star “rapid” (Mint condition): 75
  • Magic “T6” (scratches and dents throughout): 10
  • Yomega “maverick” (scratches and dents throughout): 10
  • Zeekio off string yoyo (two different colours merged together, slight scratching): 25
  • B-grade popstar (slight markings): 20
  • Aoda “sunshine” (Mint condition, similar to yoyofactory 888): 30
  • clyw chief (mint condition): traded
  • clyw summit (mint condition): 120

I also have a lot of accessories as well:

  • Misc yoyoexpert cards (44 cards)
  • Signed Harrison lee card
  • Gorillius lubricus
  • Monkey finger buff (x2)
  • Yomega brain lube
  • Bin of misc. strings
  • 4 counterweights (3 regular dice, 1 ball)
  • yoyo factory performance oil “long spin” (x2)
  • Misc. stickers, receipts, thank you cards, and magazines

We can work something out if you want accessories price wise

Im open to bundles so let me know if you like more than one items.

Here are all of the photos:


PMed for Summit and Chief

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How do I PM? Very interested in Chief

I apologize I am too new of an acct but I will buy your priced Chief immediately and maybe some accessories to help you get rid of the chief :wink: PM me first and we can discuss. Thank you.

Bump :slight_smile:

Please feel free to message me if you are interested in any of them and we can work something out!



Hey there! Just a heads up that the Rainfly isn’t King Yo Star but YoYoEmpire.

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Hey thanks for the info!

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Go to this link for the updated list of what is for sale.

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