All about in 5A

Any tips on how not to smash the Yo-yo and the counterweight each other while doing Butterfly?

And any tips for Shoulder Pop?, Because after I One Hand Mount, Then the counterweight won’t go back to one handed mount after it will pop in my shoulder.


for butterfly try to make the length of the conterweight shorter or longer so it will either go under the yoyo or over the yoyo.

1 needs to go over and 1 needs to go under each other.

butterfly it’s about practice and rythm. after getting these 2 things down you really shouldn’t have any problems(plus i can’t think of any other advice)
for shoulder pop,as soon as your CW hits your shoulder pop it off and use the momentum to get back into the one handed mount. again practice and get down the rythm. you can also try to help the CW get around by swinging it a little.