5A one hand mount


couldnt find a topic on this and im stuck
whenever i swing the yo forward and release the string gets in the gap but the counterweight never comes back to my hand.
are there any tips on how to get the CW back to my hand?
NOTE: if posting a vid please add the link because my cpu isnt playing vids from this site for some reason

(JM) #2

Make sure your swing motion in the beginning is pretty high, like almost the same height as your chest.

Also, as you let the CW slide down, pull back a little on the string you have in your throwhand. This makes the CW “whip” a little faster and have enough momentum to come all the way around to your hand.


Like JM said, make sure to swing it pretty high. Then when it’s as high as it will go and in front of you, pull it towards you and try to grab about 1/3 the length up the string. This is the best spot to grab and will be the closest to landing the CW in your hand.


In my experience, this is one of those tricks where you gotta just keep doing it until you get it. Just keep practicing it. When you get it down, all you have to do is just keep on doing what you did when you got it. Eventually, you’ll be able to do it at will.

That probably didn’t help much, but it worked for me.