Alex JV closed his youtube account!

I just went to watch a tutorial on youtube that Alex JV made, and it said he closed his account! what a loss to the yoyo community :frowning:

“I doesn’t have any problem, being busy doesn’t mean that you have ‘‘problem’’ included. I’m just taking a break of doing videos, that’s all.” _ Alexis.

so he’ll re-open his account in the future?

I understand busyness, but I don’t understand closing a YouTube account full of extremely useful videos because of it. It’s his decision in the end, of course, but I think it’s a real shame. I hope he does decide to upload the videos again.

he also closed his yoyoexpert account. there was so much left to learn from his vids :frowning:

Sometimes people just get tired of doing something and need to put it aside. There’s no need to question their motives or reasons. Have the decency to let them live out whatever it is they need to do without having to justify or explain.


dude, chill…

just bumming that he closed his account. no reason to go off on me

Not going off on anybody. Just stating my own opinion.

jhb, you did call him indecent for questioning alex’s actions. idk where u got that but ok

i too am sad his youtube account is closed. i was in the middle of learning the frost fire trick thing

No I didn’t. I merely made the statement that PEOPLE should have the decency to respect other people’s decisions.



I also think it’s a shame that he closed his YouTube account
I really don’t understand why he would do such a thing.
I’m missing his videos already :frowning:

Whether someone is uber-busy or not, it’s not like leaving their youtube videos up is going to make them less busy…

going through the process to delete your account would just waste more of your time ???

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I hope to god he has all of those videos backed up upon harddrive. Many of this videos were quite useful to the community and just to erase his entire account is an utterly bad move.

But Alexis is chill, he will be back with a bang.