Alex Gallimore - Just A Trick Dump


It’s been a while since I made a video, so I made one this afternoon. There’s a few new tricks mixed in with some old ones. The last trick is a work in progress. Let me know what you guys think.


As I said on YouTube, you are way too good! I really need to meet you. I saw you at Cal States but got too nervous to talk to you. Will you be at Nats?


I like your style. Btw, isn’t that a Takeshi trick at 1:12?


That tension slack hook is Zach Gormley’s move.


Your tricks are fantastic, but I really really wish you would start learning your tricks with a breakaway.


Why? Some of his tricks need that spin direction (it’s important to the rejections for starters!), and the ones that are ambivalent to spin direction, who cares? The yoyo is spinning and he can execute them.

The only bummer is for those of us who want to try to steal the tricks and keep forgetting to start on a front throw. :wink:

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A little variety is always nice :wink:

Anyway, nice choice of yoyo. The Valor is super good.


Sorry, man. I don’t think that’s gonna happen :wink: A breakaway is nothing more than a way to get the yoyo spinning. That’s it. This is how I choose to get my yoyo spinning.


Variety. True. Me. But it’s good to have something solid, and not just always be going off frontstyles.

Can’t you just make up a few breakaway tricks? Better for competition play.


They’re not frontstyles, though. Frontstyles are done along a different plane and with index fingers pointing towards one-another. These are sidestyles with the opposite spin direction of what we’re used to. That’s all.

It would be more accurate to say it would be cool to see Alex doing more frontstyles. :wink:


Have you competed before? I haven’t had any problems competing at any of the contests I’ve gone to because I use front throws.


Stuart is a pretty rad competitive player, too. I just think he’s getting it wrong this time. :wink:



Don’t get me wrong, your tricks are great. I was just saying you will get a little more if you throw in breakaways. Someone who does entirely horizontal tricks in a freestyle isn’t going to get variety points. Of course I didn’t bring this up for talk in competition, I was just saying that as a side note. People who do mainly breakaway throws do do frontstyle (forgive me on terminology Greg) tricks sometimes (not sure if you do breakaway stuff much). I was pointing out that breakaways would improve your yoyoing a little.


I already explained it! He’s already NOT throwing frontstyle!

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That’s how he refers to a forward, non-breakaway throw.

In competition, people get variety points by having variety. A freestyle with good variety will have vertical and horizontal, frontstyle and sidestyle, and slacks and non slacks.

Granted not all your tricks are frontstyle, but they all start with a forward throw; I don’t know if judges will care about that though.

However all this talk about competition is besides the point, I think. This is a video not a freestyle. For me, seeing somebody throw forward all the time is somewhat awkward because I’m so used to see breakaway throws. I also feel this way when I see left-handed players throw. I think this is what stuart is saying. It’s not really awkward; weird is a better word.

Back to the competition point, your frontstyle throw might actually gain you points. Mark Mangarin once told me that lefties tend to score higher because their tricks are reversed and even generic elements look original. I think that your forward throws might have the same effect.


I guess that’s the main difference in where we’re coming from, then. I don’t even really take note of the throw itself, I just watch the tricks… which are all essentially sidestyle. :wink: If Alex suddenly started throwing breakaways I probably wouldn’t even notice at first. He’d go, “Anybody notice anything different?” and I’d be all… “Uh…? No?” if that’s all that changed. :smiley:

I don’t think judges would care at all that these are not started with breakaways. I maintain that in terms of variety, it’s actual frontstyle combos that are not present in this video. And honestly, not too many trick dumps contain frontstyle these days.


Not sure how he’s throwing wrong, but if he is, it doesn’t matter. Alex, you’re doing a lot of things right and it’s inspirational to see it. :slight_smile:


Well… I don’t plan on changing the way I throw because it looks awkward/weird to some. Too many of the tricks I do have elements that can’t be done from a breakaway.

What I’m getting out of that last paragraph is that because I throw lefty, and use front throws instead I breakaways, my tricks only give the illusion that they are original. I apologize if I interpreted it the wrong way, but it’s a little insulting.


You have some nice stuff in there, man!

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I wasn’t suggesting you change at all; that would be like suggesting a lefty to play righty. I was just explaining stuart’s problem.

That is not at all what I’m saying. I was saying that it could be easier for a lefty to look original. That doesn’t mean that lefty’s can’t actually be original.