Alabama meet

Hey everybody! I was planning another meetup for Alabama yoyoers this year. Since it’s winter, an outside area probably wouldn’t be the best idea. One area I had in mind was the Gadsen Mall. Seems like a nice meetup point. I also figured setting a date around February 24th would be great as it would hopefully give people time to plan ahead and what not. Let me know if that would work or if you have other areas/dates in mind.

Here are some pics from our last meetup in October:


I might be able to come. There is a contest on the same day that I might be going to.

Are you going to pwnr? I know that contest is happening on that date. Honestly it might be better to push the meet to march when it’s a little warmer anyway.

Here is an update for you guys. it doesn’t look like I’ll be going to PNWR so I should be able to come to this meet!

@Big @Theycallmecotton @Zorro

I will try my best to be there. As long as i dont have any events pop up at work i should be able to make it.

@IrJosh @Smurf88 @YoyoD3N

I would love to but i would have to next time. I just got my phone and all fixed and its to late to ask for it off at my job.

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I’ll be there. Just keep me updated


Just checking in to see who is gonna make it to next week’s meet. I was thinking we’d meet around 11am. How does that work for everyone?

It works for me. I should be there!

Unfortunately, it might be best to postpone the meet as there won’t be enough attendees. Let’s revisit the idea around spring/summer time.

Ok. Hopefully we can find a time in the future where everyone will be able to make it.

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