any airsofters here? and haveyou ever done anything yoyo related during a match? ex.yoyoing while waiting to respawn

me an some friends do some scrims in the woods near our us… i use a 400 fps spring m1 garande.

i have yoyoed while waiting for the match to end, but usually im not since im not because im on of the most dangerous players since i can move fast and snipe from on okay distance.

my friend use quite a few different weapons including an aeg famas, a c02 sniper rifle i cant remember the name of, a assortment of shotguns, and my little brother when he plays uses an aeg m14.

Can’t think of a darn thing to do with a yoyo + my airsoft. Hmmm… maybe make a yo-yoing shooting airsoft gun??? Or instead of using my side pistol, I suppose I could use my yoyo as a deadly boomerang attack for CQB??? hahahaha ;D