After every trick on the website...

I have learn and can do every trick on the site, are there any other “staples” I should learn? Or just any of your personal favorites? Particularly, im looking for tricks you can do really hard and fast. Thanks!!

Other than making your own, there are still tonnes of “staples” that aren’t on this site. I’m not a good person for that list, but most of the main tutorial sites are likely to have several “canonical” tricks that aren’t here.

Grandma Kimmitt Sandwich and Soiled Panties (what an unfortunate name!) seem to be talked about enough to be considered fairly staple-ish.

Branding, Red Clover, Peng Pong…

There’s gotta be heaps. Like I said, I’m not really the guy to make that list, though.

My thoughts exactly. Soiled Panties is my favorite trick at the moment, but the name makes me cringe. lol.

Check out these places for new tricks:
Tuts By Xela
Raytsh on Youtube.
SLUSNY on Youtube.

Try making up your own tricks, this will help your skills alot

Here is a list of quick and easy tricks that you can pick through that will teach you a lot of good elements to use in your own combos.

MonkeyfingeR…… should be lots of inspiration in those two places!

After learning as much as I could on this site, I started watching other people and tried to do a little bit of what they do. Then I started making my own tricks. Then over time changed the tricks I had into what they are now.

Highspeedyoyo also helped me quite a bit.