After all this time.

Eh… I got Klean Strip brand Odorless Mineral Spirits. Why is ir white? It looks like milk. I used it to clean 5 bearings for the first time in my life. I got good results with all my bearings. Should I be worried about this white MS? Will it leave residue?

If it’s working, don’t worry about it. Blow it out w/the air and you’re good to go.

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Pretty sure they all work about the same. I use (not prefer) acetone, though in the back of my mind something tells me they all work equally. I guess it’s that awful acetone smell that convinces me that it’s destroying anything in my bearing haha.

I think the key here is just using clean solvent and/or blasting with compressed air. I like to reuse my stuff, and after a bearing or two there is a lot of bits of string fiber and what not… if you reuse the solvent, you’re just putting that junk right back in the bearing.

I haven’t tried, but I assume you could use a coffee filter and reuse a solvent until it evaporates.

Here’s my real question.

How well does lighting it on fire work, after a bath? I assume if there’s any particles still in the bearing, it’ll burn up and ash will be in the bearing. I’ve heard of this being practiced, but it seems… ehh? to me

I would trust that instinct. There’s no compelling reason to light it on fire.

Well, get the smallest size of anything mentioned here, use it, see how you like it. Did it clean them well? Did it make no difference? Then when you run out try something els. When you find what you like the best get a bigger bottle/carton/can.

EDIT* Looks like you found something.

All the solvents work about the same. I use acetone simply because it tends to evaporate faster… but I’ll use whatever is around. I rarely clean bearings of course, I typically just use them as is, works just fine. Just be careful with acetone as it can be especially rough on some plastic containers… use glass if at all possible.

Lighting it on fire after is an absolutely awful idea. It has been done… some people have even thought it might be a good idea… it it’s not, at all. All you are doing is putting soot in your bearing, and possibly damaging the surface of the metal… both of which kind of go against the entire point of cleaning it to begin with.

And as always, never put a bearing back into the yoyo before it is COMPLETELY dried… especially plastic yoyos.


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i seem to have the best results with break cleaner :wink:

my wife keeps acetone around for her nail stuff… i got her a big can of it from the hardware store months ago.

There is this new low odor mineral spirits that is kind of milky looking.

I haven’t used it myself. Those who have and have posted here are reporting results similar/identical results with using regular mineral spirits.