Afkor’s Daily 5a/1a trick log

Hello everyone. I’ve been consistently learning new 5a/1a tricks every day for the past week or so and I’d like to have a place to log all the tricks I’ve learned each day, I hope this is a good place to do it. (If this isn’t than someone pls lmk :+1::+1:) I also encourage anyone to use this thread to discuss tricks they’ve learned as well and maybe give me suggestions on what to learn next.

I consider a trick “learned” when I’m able to do it 3 times in a row without failure.

Each new Yoyo trick learned unlocks for me 5 dollars of spending money to buy new yoyos with (I currently own 4 yoyos and I want more)

As I progress I doubt I will be able to learn more than 1 trick per day, if that. That’s okay!

Today I learned:
5a pinwheels
1 new 5a bind
1 new breakaway bind
2 new laceration style binds
Kamikaze whip (this took me a week to figure out, only got it down today)


Late update, ended up having a late night throwing sesh with a buddy and learned some new tricks there.

Today I learned:
Drop trapeze (5a)
Crazy 8
Stop n go (super fun trick, wish I learned it earlier)
Skin the gerbil
Buddha’s revenge


Learned one 5a trick and a couple of easy 1a tricks today:

Bee sting (5a, need to get smoother at it tho)


Learned some new mounts and a couple GT tricks. Today was a busy day so I wasn’t able to learn any difficult tricks or 5a stuff:

Sub mount
Wrist mount
Snap GT
Chopstick/GT type move, here’s what it looks like:


Busy day today again but I found some time to sneak in a couple new tricks:

Wasabi GT(super fun, difficult trick. Surprised I was able to figure it out)
Cross Capture

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Super productive 5a day today. Took the yoyo outside in the grass and threw for about two hours. I also cut my string shorter which made it wayyy easier to do tricks lol. In doing so I learned:

Pendulum wrap
Reverse bee sting
Bee sting aerial

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Only had time to learn one trick today as I was busy moving into my new apartment! Today I learned:

5a butterfly!


Learned three new 1a tricks today:

Breakaway laceration bind
Figure 8
Letter A


Only learned one trick today. However I got practice with a couple of other difficult tricks, so hopefully I can get those down tomorrow. Today I learned:

Magic drop and shockwave


Got a couple of tricks down today, nothing too crazy though. Today I learned:

1.5 hook
Cheese whip
Iron whip

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