"Aerodynamic" Yoyos

I was reading about the Roo-yo and found it interesting that it used golf dimples to improve it’s aerodynamic characteristics. I’m now curious what other yoyos are out there that sport “aerodynamic” gimmicks or features?

Dimpled Throws - General Yo-Yo - YoYoExpert Forums


TLDR, as I understand it, the dimples don’t improve spin time, but might make it move a tiny amount faster through the air,
though as you can see, not enough to make any other manufacturer copy the design recently

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In my experience, there are only two things that could influence on aerodynamics of yoyo:

  1. Large cutouts in it (large enough for putting finger in them);
  2. Shape, that is different than round.

Other things are negligible.
World saw holes in yoyos (SPYY RSL, Adegle Rhong-To, Sengoku Hanzo), square yoyos (Alex Hattori Boost Squared), go google them.


Interesting! I’m going to have to check those out.
Edit: Future aerobi here with links:
Spyy SL
rhong to


why…just why…? Was there literally any advantage to using a square yoyo?
Square yoyo