So this friday night I have an audition for an orchestra, and I was wondering if you had any advice for staying calm. My audition will last five minutes and I have to play “two contrasting pieces”. I have one song picked out and have some options for the other. So like I said, any advice. I’m not really worried about the other people but I’m not very good at playing for other people, especially if I don’t know them. So one more time, I would greatly appreciate advice.

Think of whoever you feel most comfortable playing with right now- imagine you are playing for them, not a judge. At least imagine them helping you through it. It is ok to slow down a bit between the pieces- it will help you stay calm, and also help your playing. Be sure of yourself when you start; start with a good sound and end in a another one. Play everything like it’s your favorite piece.

Thanks. The nice thing is that one of the pieces I am playing is my favorite piece. The other one was decided upon with some helpful input. My informer said that I probably won’t even be playing the whole time, so thats good.

Practice as though you were coming in and doing the audition. Imagine the person there. Do the practice audition all in one shot, just like you would. Ask someone to listen to you. The more you condition your mind to get used to auditioning either through practice or actual auditioning, the easier it becomes. Imagine doing well.

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I did a mock audition last night and I really hope it helps.