Advice for hitting advanced hooks

(Ken) #1

Hi guys,
I need some advice for hitting 3.5 and reverse 3.0 hooks more consistently. I’ve hit these tricks a couple of times but I feel like I hit them reliant on luck more than technique. Any help would be really appreciated. Thanks!

(Alexander) #2

How in the world do you do a reverse 3.0? I can’t even hit a regular 3.0.

(Ken) #3

I don’t know. Evan Nagao says he finds it easier to do reverse hooks though and we’re both left handed so maybe that’s saying something.


Watch yotricks video featuring evan!

Also just practice and don’t wear yourself out. And i find longer, older string better for hooks.

(Ken) #5

Yes, ill try to use longer string next time.


Hidemasa is 1.0

(Evan Landreneau) #8

Oh I thought y’all were talking about this