Advice for a starting company. Yo-Life

On yoyocontest site you can scedu an event. One option is to start a club. Another good thing is to make a post on here to egt some attention.


I’m confused I thought that was just contests you can register a club too?

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If by your you mean YYF I have talked directly with Hanz and he said when I get further along to reach back out. I asked what he would like to see from me but he never responded. All I wanted was wholesale pricing lol.

Honestly they are such a big company I understand not working with the “little guy”. It makes things a lot easier for them to deal with companies that are large retailers. They dont have many employees and I’m sure they have lots of ends to meet.

Thanks for the vosun lead. Pm any email contacts or phone numbers if you can.

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Yeah basically contact every yoyo company and ask about wholesale pricing and see what you can afford to stock up on and think you can realistically sell yourself.

Thats the tricky part. Answering the question of why people would order from you instead of more established stores or the companies themselves.

Be very very careful, and make sure to spend only what you are willing to lose.

Another worthwhile endeavor might be trying to track down old or underpriced throws in the resale market and reselling them yourself at a higher value. That would take a keen eye on places like BST or ebay or garage sales. Not the easiest flip of a buck but its something.

Which reminds me. Think of what platform you are going to sell on. Your own website? Tiktok shop? Ebay? BSTs? Its nit just about the product, you also need the platform and the marketing for it.

Not trying to stress you out. The yoyo community could always use more companies and support. But its going to be a bunch of work for minimal gains for quite a while before you can fully establish your business to a level that nets you an actual profit.


Yea I plan on not making profit this year. The goal isn’t to make money it is to bring my designs to life as well as help leave an impression on others like yoyo has done for me.

The only thing I plan to sell online would be my own yoyos or collaboration yoyos. That is not in the near future. The immediate goal isn’t to make money but to invest in my local community and make players and friends. It’s loney in my neck of the woods for a thrower.

I’ll be posting “Vlog” videos about all this soon. I’ll keep everyone updated. Thanks for your opinions.


I need to get better at CAD and invest in a 3d printer for prototypes.

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MagicYoyo also does bulk pricing by the way.

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I am local to you in Beckley WV, let me know if you need help


Thank you so much! I actually already planned reaching out to you in the near future. It would be amazing to hang out and see how you operate. @JEA86

You can sumbit events not just contests


Bumping for your input.

We are getting very close to launching the whole yoyo club program - we are just waiting on some new specific SnapBack coming in!

But we do currently have the trick cards so @Yo-yo_Power definitely reach out so we can get you setup with the program! It has worked exceptionally well for us here in Massachusetts and a number of clubs have used it too.

We are also building out our database of clubs to feature and help people connect at


Hey how can I get my club added to the database so people can find us easier?


FYI - Got a wierd pop up when I went to the site.

Yeah. It’s not finished yet but we are about to. Thanks.

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Congratulations for your idea and plan, it sounds something that can really work and I wish you the best.
I cannot give you any advice but the only thing I would like to say is to maybe avoid the name “Yo-Life” when you will do your own yoyo brand.

I think this name really work for the event side of the business sounds good and make sense with what you doing, not super original but a good idea!

I will change it for when you will start your own yoyo brand, if I can be honest a brand called “Yo-Life” to me sounds a bit cheap and not original, it screams yoyos with not good quality and a bit random, like a random factory started to produce yoyos other than idk wheels and irons.
There are so many cool names around, try to get inspiration with things related to yoyos and similar and find a “cool” sounding name that can make your brand stand up from the rest, in the yoyo world we have so many cool companies you do not need to put the “yo” inside the name, I am pretty sure that a cool name can help to design also a brand identity and make something “class”

I hope to do not offend you but is just my 2 cents looking at the yoyo world


No offense taken. The name leans towards your life over yoyo life. I do appreciate your thoughts and opinions.