advanced yoyos?


i am saving up for a yoyo and i have my eyes on the duncan freebird. Any suggestions? and the price range is 1$ to 80$


Well, it depends, do you want metal, or delrin (which is what the Duncan Freebird is made of) or some other material. I, personally have never used a Duncan high-end metal yo-yo before, so I can’t say anything about it. Another we need to know to help you is what is your price range, nothing over $80, over $90? Because we can be suggesting stuff that isn’t even in your price range. Maybealso what shape you like.
If you really mean any yoyo, I would suggest the Genesis by YoyoFactory. It plays real smooth and sleeps for a long time, its really nice. But if you want a metal yoyo thats not from such a common company, then maybe look into CLYW, they have really nice yoyos, but some are a little pricey, but if you don’t have a limit, I would go check it out, they have some pretty sweet throws. There is also some other great brands like One Drop, SPYY, Yoyorecreation, and so many others! But if you want me to narrow it down to what I would suggest from those companies, then I would suggest maybe the CLYW Avalanche or the One Drop Code 1 or 54, I heard those are pretty good, I’ve tried them out, but don’t own one.
Good Luck and I hope I helped!


delrin is a hard plastic just to tell you