Advanced picture tricks

I know there was a thread about this but its 10+ years old and there has to be more to the picture trick game by now. I was watching this which blew my mind and it got me thinking it needs a top down tutorial(someone…anyone?). Anyhow this is my fav pic trick so throw in your favorite picture trick and a link to the tutorial if there is one.

No Facebook. Sad day.

I’m pretty much still circa 1995. I play with yoyos, don’t use Uber, and Facebook is a mystery to me.

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No luck with the Facebook link - posting a few picture tricks


I love picture tricks! Not a tutorial but I documented all of my fave picture tricks and released them in this video last year :slight_smile:

Maybe I’ll make some tutorials for them if the demand is there


These are great!

Here are two more that fall into the picture trick area with breakdowns


This channel has great short picture tricks .


A few of my faves:


What an awesome video. I especially loved the ones that don’t look like you’re getting into a picture trick, but end up with a cool looking formation. Like the 2 tricks, starting at 0:52 and the one immediately after it.

I’d definitely vote yes for some tutorials!

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Beautiful! I’d love a tutorial for any 5 point star to get formation. Or really any of them!