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  • Adegle RhongTo Review |
    I am not a fan of exotic fruits. Mango is just about the foulest tastes that I have ever experienced. Papaya always smells like it is 30 seconds away from rotting. Kiwi disables my taste buds for a week. I am more of a orange, banana, and apple kind of guy. Tropical and exotic fruit never appealed to me, and those genetic hybrids like plumcots just freak me out. Abominations. All that aside, I have always been curious of starfruits.
    Starfruits, also known as Carambola, is a unique star shaped fruit that grows in temperate climates like Thailand, Australia, Florida and Hawaii. Its unique shape is where it gets its name. When I was contacted by Taiwanese yo-yo maker Adegle about reviewing a RhonTo, I knew that I would have to go against my dislike of exotic tropical fruits for the sake of the review, and eat a starfruit. After all, the shape is what inspired the unique spoke on the RhongTo, and RhongTo itself is the Hakka dialect pronunciation for the starfruit.

thx for the review i read on ur sight nice