Add Tag Sorting to YYE shop


Tag sorting is one very cool way to sort all your inventory and make it easier for consumers to find what they want out of YYE’s catalog.
Tags like:
Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Undersized, Fullsized, Oversized, Responsive, Unresponsive, Metal, 7075, 6061, Titanium, Plastic, Organic, H-shape, Solid color, Splash colorway, Acidwash colorway, Competition Ready (whatever that means), Horizontal ready, and a lot more possibilities.


I see this being good for colorways. Shape can have some debate over. Some other items might be a little bit harder to zone in on exactly.

To make this a reality, it would need to come down to YYE staff making decisions as to “what is what” as are adding the appropriate tags. I think it’s entirely possible. I also feel it would help make shopping easier for some people. I just don’t know what the storefront software does or doesn’t support.

This wouldn’t help me. Why? Part of my “shopping experience” happens either outside of YYE, or else I just take my time cruising the site.


I agree, it would be nice to have that option. But they should only make tags for important things. Such as shape, brand obviously, maybe play style (1a,2a,4a, maybe 5a), etc. But too many tags can kind and overwhelming.


Just do a price one, a material one (aluminum, ti, plastic, wood) and a style one ( 1a,2a etc.) and I’m happy. Brands are already sorted. Of course I’m already happy with the site, it’s pretty easy to navigate and fun to shop, but if I could get a way to not see stuff I can’t afford, I wouldn’t be so broke :stuck_out_tongue:


The thing about tag sorting/searching is that the more the merrier.
You pick as many tags as you want to show (or not show), and the search sorts it out for you.


Or maybe it could be like, when you click on a tag (1a 2a 3a etc) it brings u to anoger page, with more tags(plastic metal,titanium,etc) and every time u click a tag, it brings you to more to find your perfect throw(s)

Just a duly idea :slight_smile: