Accelerate Your Freestyle With The ADEGLE ACCEL!

Adegle, Taiwan’s first high-end yo-yo company, is kicking off the new year with a bang by bringing you an all new competition level, bi-metal yo-yo! The amazing Accel!

The Accel is Adegle’s first attempt at creating a bi-metal yo-yo and they killed it! The bi-metal design of this yo-yo doesn’t just look amazing, it enhances the performance by giving it the perfect weight distribution. The body is precision machined out of aluminum with stainless steel weight rings fitted in the side which amps up stability and spin time through combos. The stepped v-shape of the Accel looks fantastic and gives the yo-yo a fast and agile feel that makes it perfect for side style or horizontal play.

Stable, maneuverable, and amazingly fast on the string – The Accel is everything you are looking for in a competition level throw!

In the pictures, the ano looks kind of splotchy, like it has some dirt or something on it. Are those dirt or are they ano flaws?

Oh, I see em. Yeah those look like flaws, but it’s beautiful.

Now that is one pretty yoyo.