My dad and I having and ABSOLUTE BLAST outside our house playing with yoyos, as you can see this video is not to show off tricks, but to show how much fun one toy can bring two people!


LOL good stuff

looks like you guys have a lot of fun

Did your dad introduce you to yoyos?

My son is still a bit young (10 yrs) but his skills are coming along nicely… I hope one day we will be throwing together like this

that was really good i wish my dad yo-yoed, those tricks were pretty sweet.

Nice, i like the part were your dad did just a break away, and wer you caught the suicide on your tounge.

This makes me very happy!

The best part about this video was the voice track that wasn’t in the video, but in my head because I know what ya’ll sound like having fun throwing. Good stuff. See ya’ll at MOYO.

WOOOOO!!! See ya there Toby!!!

One of them was a old fart.

Awesome video! See you at MOYO.

*Edited for pure stupidity :stuck_out_tongue:


Just a little account on here. ;D

Crap! I was actually gonna say that! But then I thought to myself “No, there’s no way I’m that idiotic to forget that. He must be someone else.”
Welp, I’m gonna go hide in the corner until everyone forgets about this… Not like that will ever happen, this is the internet after all. You make one little video of yourself practicing your lightsaver moves with a golf ball retriever and your whole life is ruined.

Ok, I’ll just see you at MOYO I guess, I’ll be the one with a paper bag over my head.

Lol. Nice, I’ll give you a dollar if you actually have a paper bag over your head…

Haha! Be ready to lose a a dollar my friend. I just have one question. Are you going Friday night, Saturday or both?

We’ll be in St Louis friday but not at the museum. We’ll be at a friends house.

Ah, fun. Then I’ll see you guys on Saturday.

p.s. Hang on to an Agape for me, I’m hoping to scrounge the extra money together in the next couple days… Unless there are some awesome stuff at whatever booths are there, I should be purchasing one from you.

nice! Looks like you guys had a good time.

Icthus, this is total spam, but I l0ve you. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes Icthus. lol