About SuperWideAngle

I’ve been on this fourm for a couple of weeks now and I feel that I’ve gotten to know you all very well. So, some things you should know about me? Well, for starters,

When it comes to yoyo related stuff,
I started throwing in late August this year (2018) so that makes me still a beginner?
My first yoyo was bought with my own money, two days after the NED Show was at our school. I bought a NED Boomerang and some extra string and lemme tell you, I thought I was the stuff. They let us throw at our school one day to practice our yoyo skills and everyone thought I was a pro. I could to Walk The Dog, The Sleeper, and Forward Pass. And when I came home, I yoyoed like crazy. I thought my little red Boomerang was the coolest thing on planet earth. And then, my grandma saw me using my yoyo, she said to look up some tricks. And that’s what I did. Went on YouTube and saw a channel with 200,000 subscribers and clicked on it. That channel was called YoTricks, and I was on a roll. My birthday was in a week and put the Sage on my list immediately. A week later, I got my red Sage and learned the Trapeze, the Brain Twister, and the Reverse Flip on the Front Mount. My dad acknowledged me and gave me, out of nowhere, a Velocity, Shutter (which, that was awesome), Yomega Glide, and two Oracles. I learned more tricks from that time and at the end of October, I could do Double or Nothing, Trapeze and his Brother, Pinwheels, and I gave 5A a shot, learning 360, Basic Stall, and Double on Trapeze Release. (my counterweight was even homemade!) Week later and it’s November. Since I was being good at my house, my dad gave me my favorite yoyo of all time. My Galaxy Shutter Wide Angle. I learned to whip to a trapeze on it. As well as finger grind and one hand bind. I’m still practicing to this day and hope to widen my collection.


Tell your dad he has good taste :heart_eyes:


That’s my friends first yo-yo


I think galaxy colorways are some of the coolest colorways out there! Nice ‘meeting’ you.


Cool stuff my dude!


Wow! You learn and progress really fast. Kudos to you!


You want to “widen” your Yoyo collection!

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