A thought on yoyo videos: A technical rumination

I’ve been watching quite a few yoyo videos of late, getting a feel for everything being so new, and I’ve noticed something, the yoyo is often a blur, and in some cased you can even see multiple distinct yoyo shaped blurs, which got me to thinking about the nature of most internet video.

Obviously YouTube is where mostly all of the internets (SFW) videos reside, but youtube limits everything to 30FPS which is the main limiting factor here. So I started thinking maybe the yoyo community could drive a technical evolution in the video space, with the high paced, intricate nature of the sport.

The simplest progression would be to the existing 50 and 60FPS of PAL and NTSC, but maybe we could even push support for higher frame rates (for the few cameras that support it) which could then drive more cameras to support higher frame rates if the content actually has somewhere to go.

Just a thought I had, maybe I’m insane, but I thought I’d share anyway.

Side note: Actually got to use the word rumination for the first time :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s even more sinister than that… 30fps or even 24fps should be usable without seeing a distracting “doubling”. It’s the interpolation that is created by the video not being captured in a seamlessly-convertible way that is also a factor.

Ideally, your shutter speed will be a multiple of the fps being used. So, if your target container will be 30fps, you should film at 1/60 or 1/120 shutter speed. It’s not as exact as that; you could use 1/125 if that’s what your camera gives you.

With most phones or consumer cameras, you don’t get this option. It will automatically choose whatever combination it needs to choose in order to capture video in the given light situation. Since many of these videos are done indoors with only room lights, it’s a bleak situation indeed… the shutter speed is low (to let more light in) and the blurring occurs.