A shelf I made :]


I wanted a cool way to display my yo-yos!

This is just an idea I had that turned out pretty neat.
I’ll probably make another one soon with some wood-burning art on it!






Just wait for an earthquake…

But seriously, that looks pretty cool! I think it could be a bit more secure though, just not sure how to make it safer.


Add like a bar across, in front of, the yo-yo’s. So that if it tilts it just rests upon that bar instead of falling off.

Though my only worries about this is that if the bar is too big (on the second row), it might make it difficult to place and remove the yo-yo’s. :-\


Looks great buddy. Nice piece of work. Great way to decorate a room too!


Clever and effective. I love the fact that you tied the dowels on with yoyo string.


Yea that is pretty awesome.